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TOPIC: Shipping Rates for Manufacturers

Shipping Rates for Manufacturers 01 Nov 2017 13:10 #1

  • djsmooth5
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HI Support!

I was wondering if it is possible to have the following shipment rules on your component.

Each one of my manufacturers have different locations and will be extra shipping if 2 products are bought, each 1 from a different manufacturer.

I am wanting to charge R90 per 2 items, so if its one item, its R90, but if its 3 or 4 items, its R180.
Also, I want to charge this "2 products" quantity per manufacturer. So if 1 book is purchased from manufacturer "A", and another 3 books from Manufacturer "B". the total shipping cost be R270.

Is this possible?

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Shipping Rates for Manufacturers 02 Nov 2017 17:01 #2

Dear djsmooth5,
If I understand your description correctly, you basically charge R90 per two items per manufacturer. I.e. your shipping costs are calculated for each manufacturer separately as 90*ceil(ArticlesOfManufacturer/2) and then summed up. I don't see an easy way to achieve this with our plugin, except to manually go through all manufacturers and handle each manufacturer separately. This works well if you have 2-5 manufacturers, but quickly turns into a nightmare if you have many or often-changing manufacturers.

The corresponding rule would be:
Shipping=90*(ceil(evaluate_for_manufacturers(Articles, 111)/2) + ceil(evaluate_for_manufacturers(Articles, 112)/2) + ceil(evaluate_for_manufacturers(Articles, 113)/2) + ....)
As you can see, you need to list each manufacturer explicitly, so that's not very robust if you want to add manufacturers on the fly. But it's the only way I can currently see.

Best regards,

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