Template for Extensions for the Shipping by Rules Plugins for VirtueMart

Extensions for the Shipping by Rules plugins for VirtueMart. These plugins provide custom variables or custom functions to be used in the rules.

RegExp Plugin

This plugin provides the following RegExp-related functions to the shipping by rules plugin:

RegExpMatch(pattern, value)
returns whether the value matches the expression (true/false)
RegExpMatches(pattern, value)
returns an array of all matches of regexp within the value (array)
RegExpReplace(pattern, value)
preforms a regexp replacement on the value, returns the resulting string (string)
RegExpSplit(pattern, value)
splits value using the regexp as delimiter, returns array of all substrings (excluding the delimiter) (array)
RegExpFilter(pattern, array)
returns all members of the array that match the regexp (array)

AwoCoupon Plugin

This plugin provides access to the coupon granted by AwoCoupon. For technical reasons that coupon is not part of the Amount variable in the rules. The reason is that VirtuMart handles coupon plugins like AwoCoupon after shipping plugins, so when the shipping rules are evaluated, the coupon plugins have not been evaluated. This plugin uses the internals of the AwoCoupon component to extract the coupon discount directly and makes it available.

Template for vmshipmentrules Plugins

This is a template for developers who want to write their own plugins to extend the Shipping by Rules plugins. It can be installed, but does not provide any useful functionality, unless a programmer implements the corresponding functions.


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These plugins are licenced unter the GNU GPLv3.


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