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TOPIC: Calculating

Calculating 12 Oct 2017 10:46 #1

Hi There,
If i have 1 product it's fits in one envelope. en the cost will be 3.50 .
But as i have 2 product it dosn't fit in one envelope, then it must be a pakkage and the cost will rise to 6.50
But not Always the order 1 product(envelope), sometimes the order 3 products (it will be a pakkage)
How can it be calculating???
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Calculating 21 Oct 2017 12:58 #2

Dear Robcom,
Do I understand you correctly that any order with just one article (one unit of one product) will fit into an envelope, but any order with two or more articles (two units of the same product or two different products) do not fit into an envelop and will always be sent as a package?

That is quite easy to implement:
Name=Envelope; Articles<=1; Shipping=3.5
Name=Package; Articles>=2; Shipping=6.5
You can even leave out the "Articles>=2" condition in the second line, because when the first rule matches (i.e. just one article), then the second rule will never be considered at all. So when the conditions of the second rule are evaluated, we know that the order has at least two articles. So, the shorter version is:
Name=Envelope; Articles<=1; Shipping=3.5
Name=Package; Shipping=6.5

Best regards,
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