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For the last few months we have been very busy working on some huge, very time-consuming and time-sensitive projects, so our support was very limited and we were unable to provide proper support in our forums! We now have a huge backlog of requests from our customers, which we are trying to clear bit by bit. Unfortunately, this takes longer than we anticipated, so our response time is not yet up to par. We are trying our best to improve this situation as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

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VirtueMart Extensions

This is the support forum for all our VirtueMart Extensions.
Support forum for the Ordernumber Plugin for VirtueMart 2
123 Topics 311 Replies 4FootyFans's Avatar
Re: Missing order numbers...
by 4FootyFans
29 Aug 2018 12:19
Support forum for the Downloads for Sale Plugin for VirtueMart 2
80 Topics 206 Replies Reinhold's Avatar
Re: Multi downloads via plugin
by Reinhold
10 Sep 2018 15:04
Support forum for the (Basic and Advanced) Shipping by Rules Plugins for VirtueMart 2
561 Topics 1757 Replies grant's Avatar
Support forum for the Subscribe Buyers to AcyMailing Plugin for VirtueMart 2
3 Topics 13 Replies taariq's Avatar
15 Topics 51 Replies Reinhold's Avatar
1 Topics 1 Replies Reinhold's Avatar
Re: i am getting unwanted errors on home page
by Reinhold
23 Aug 2014 19:59
Support forum for the Auto Parent Categories Plugin for VirtueMart 2
10 Topics 26 Replies peterva's Avatar
Re: VM3
by peterva
21 Feb 2015 17:14
Support forum for the Donations Plugin for VirtueMart 2
20 Topics 41 Replies Reinhold's Avatar
Re: Can't add name the price to a product
by Reinhold
08 Apr 2017 13:54
5 Topics 17 Replies p.barg's Avatar
Re: Unable to install the plugin
by p.barg
02 Jan 2018 12:19

Magento Modules

This is the support forum for all our Magento modules.

WooCommerce Extensions

This is the support forum for all our WooCommerce Extensions.

Community Builder Plugins

This is the support forum for all our Community Builder Plugins.

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