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TOPIC: [SOLVED] (legacy) Shipping by Rules

(legacy) Shipping by Rules 10 Dec 2017 02:30 #1

after update to 2.0.3
I have this message This method is deprecated in WooCommerce 2.6, where shipping zones are introduced, and will be removed in future versions. Please use WooCommerce's shipping zones for country restrictions and set up methods of type "Shipping by Rules" inside each shipping zone. Your existing rules and this legacy shipping method will continue to work until you manually transfer all rules to the Shipping Zones. and remove all Shipping by Rules methods here.

the cash on delivery for shipping by rules now it is not working
please help
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(legacy) Shipping by Rules 27 Dec 2017 23:16 #2

Dear Natalia,
Sorry for the late reply. In the latest version of the plugin, we switched from our own implementation of "country zones" to the WooCommerce shipping zones (which are way more flexible than our country zones).
For existing shipping methods, we provide full legacy support, i.e. existing methods should work without any need for changes. We just display this information message to the admin. For now, we have no intentions to actually remove that legacy support. Sooner or later, it might still make sense to thing about moving your existing methods to the new shipping zones.

So, in short: this is just an informative message and things should work just fine. If your cash on delivery is not working, that's an apparent bug. Can you give us some more information what is not working? What are the exact rules / settings of your shipping method and what are the symptoms of "it is not working"?

Best regards,
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(legacy) Shipping by Rules 28 Dec 2017 12:15 #3

I have shipping by rules(legacy) not enabled
first I created shipping zones for my countries with shipping methods - shipping by rules
so now it is working properly with the ability to have Tax or not
this was a problem before, but now I have also create Standard Tax rates for each country

The problem with COD (cash on delivery) from checkout settings was that it was not working cause it was not available shipping method to choose to enable this option.

now after creating all the shipping zones everything is working great, even the limitation that I have,
Condition=contains_any(ShippingClasses,"alcohol-limitation"); Shipping=noshipping
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[SOLVED] (legacy) Shipping by Rules 28 Dec 2017 12:15 #4

Problem solved.
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