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TOPIC: Cost by manufacturer

Cost by manufacturer 25 Nov 2015 19:24 #1

I there,

is it possible to set a shipping by manufacturer in order?

Lets say that I have 2 items, each one from the diferent manufacturer.

Can I charge 2x the default rule?


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Cost by manufacturer 29 Nov 2015 17:29 #2

Dear Musqsim,
The advanced version of the plugin provides the Manufacturers variable as well as the evaluate_for_manufacturers(VARIABLE, MANUFACTURERID, ...) function.
The details clearly depend on the details your particular shipping cost structure.
Here's a simple example (Manufacturer ID 1 has a flat rate of 10€ for any number of articles, manufacturer ID 2 has shipping costs of 2€ per kg):
Variable=CostManuf1; Value=0
Variable=CostManuf1; 1 in Manufacturers; Value=10
Variable=WeightManuf2; Value=evaluate_for_manufacturers(Weight, 2)

Best regards,

PS: Per-product shipping costs (i.e. Article A has 4€ shipping, Article B has 2€ shipping, and the total shipping cost is the sum of the individual shipping costs of all articles in the order) are not really provided by the plugin anyway, so manufacturer-dependent per-product shipping costs are even less supported.
What you can do, though, is: Manufacturer A has shipping cost of 1€ per article (all articles the same cost), manufacturer B has 2€ per article (all articles the same):
Shipping=evaluate_for_manufacturers(Articles,1)*1+evaluate_for_manufacturers(Articles, 2)*2

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