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TOPIC: Tax on shipping

Tax on shipping 24 Jul 2017 18:49 #1

Hello, I am using your advanced shipping by rules plugin.

We are now supposed to charge tax on the shipping cost also. This has to be as per the tax being charged on the product.

Can you guide me how I can accomplish this task?

Warm regards

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Tax on shipping 31 Jul 2017 14:10 #2

Dear Rajesh,
Yes, in your shipping method setup in the VirtueMart backend you can select the taxation for each country zone. I.e. you can select to apply either the default VM taxation (i.e. the same tax rate is applied to the shipping costs that is applied to the products in the cart; if multiple tax rates are applied to the cart, the pro-rata approach is used), an explicit tax rate irrespective of the tax rate applied to the products, or no taxation.\

Best regards,
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Tax on shipping 31 Jul 2017 16:05 #3

Thank you for the reply. I tried to use "Apply Default Rules" under my shipment method "Airship" but it doesn't seem to show the changes !!

Did I do the correct thing?
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Tax on shipping 02 Aug 2017 00:52 #4

Dear Rajesh,
What exactly does not work? Is the wrong tax rule applied or is no tax rule applied at all? Or are the correct tax rule(s) applied, but the tax amount calculated wrongly?
On I tried it with a product with 10% and a product with 20% tax, and the shipping cost is always calculated with the same tax rate as the product. (Using VM 3.2.2 with the latest version of our plugin).

Also, what are your versions of:
- Joomla
- VirtueMart
- Our plugin

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Tax on shipping 02 Aug 2017 15:46 #5

Dear Rajesh,
Thank you for access to your site. I tried it out on your site and could reproduce your issue perfectly (explicit tax rule selected for a shipping method was properly applied, but "Apply default rules" has no effect, i.e. does not charge any tax).

However, I also tried a method based on the weight_countries shipping method, and it shows the exact same behaviour: Explicit tax rules are applied, default tax rules are not. So it is clearly not a problem with out shipping plugin, but a general problem.

My suspicion is the VP One page checkout plugin that you use on your site. I haven't really tried tracking down where the problem lies, but we already had other incompatibility issues with the VP OPC plugins in the past (which the developers fixed quickly once they were made aware of the issues).
So, as a first step, you might try disabling the OPC plugin and check whether the issue still appears with the default checkout system of VirtueMart. If the issues does not appear, I would suggest contacting the VP OPC developers and ask them for help / make them aware of the default taxation issue for shipping costs in their plugin.

Best regards,

PS: I tried to set all shipping method settings that I changed back to their initial values. I only changed the "Airship" and the "Freight - TO PAY" methods.

PS2: Something with your installation of our plugin does not seem entirely correct, as the "Length Unit" field in the shipment method configuration is an input field in your site rather than the dropdown box it should be. I see your VM version appears to be 3.2.3, while the latest release is only 3.2.2. Are you using a development version of VM? We are using the vmlengthunit config field type to let the user choose from the length units. Somehow the plugin is unable to load this field type. Do you see any errors/warnings in the error log?
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Tax on shipping 02 Aug 2017 22:09 #6

Dear Rajesh,
I took another look at your setup and I think I found the cause of the problem: You set up your VAT rules as "Tax per product", while the shipping methods only consider "VAT tax per product" tax rules. If you switch your tax rules to "VAT tax per product", then the "Apply default rules" tax setting of the shipping methods (both our shipping-by-rules-based methods and the weight_countries-based methods) should be working fine.

Best regareds,
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