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TOPIC: Stop virtuemart from creating the invoices

Stop virtuemart from creating the invoices 17 Jul 2017 16:07 #1

Hello! This is my situation and don't know if you can help.. but i'll try anyway :)
I have the order status COMPLETE and i have created order status INVOICE.
I have set Virtuemart to create the invoice only for order status INVOICE (see the attachment, sorry for the italian, FATTURA means INVOICE)

everything is fine except that ordernumbers keep use a sequential number even if the order is not set to INVOICE. See the 2nd attachment for ordernumbers configuration. I'll explain better with an example

ORDER 1 --> INVOICE status --> invoice number --> 1
ORDER 2 --> COMPLETED status --> no invoice
ORDER 3 --> INVOICE status --> invoice number should be 2, but invoice number is 3

In Italy we need to have a sequential number for invoices. Is there a way to fix this?
Thank you!

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Stop virtuemart from creating the invoices 01 Aug 2017 23:56 #2

Dear Gianluca,
Our plugin creates a new invoice number only when an invoice is created. In your case, with a "completed" status no invoice should be created and thus also no invoice number (and the counter should thus also not be increased).

Actually, when I set invoices to be created only for orders with "Shipped" status on one of our test systems (VM 3.2.2 with the latest version of our plugin), I get the expected behaviour that the counter is increased only for those orders that are set manually to shipped, but not for other orders that stay in "Confirmed" status. So, with our setup, unfortunately I cannot reproduce your issue, so I'm probably missing some vital part of information...

How do you set the INVOICE status for your orders?

Are you sure the INVOICE status never set for the ORDER 2?
You might e.g. look at the invoices directory on your server whether your orders with "COMPLETED" status still have an invoice generated, which would be wrong, but happens when INVOICE is a transitional state.

Alternative causes might be other third-party plugins dealing with order handling or invoicing. Do you have any other plugins installed that deal with these topics?

Best regards,

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