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TOPIC: Rules not working for the third rule

Rules not working for the third rule 24 Aug 2018 12:25 #1

Hi This is my rule:
Name=gratis-verzenden; 20<= Amount; 0
Name=brievenbus Heigt<3.2; Shipping=1.95
Name=pakket; Height>=3.2; Shipping=3.80

For this I copied a rule in the examples and changed the word Weight for Height and put in my values.
I have products that are free sending if above 20 Euro
If A product is below 20 euro then the fee is 1.95
If the product is is lower than 3.2 cm then the fee is 1,95
If the product is higher than 3.2 cm then the fee is 3.80

So I have 2 values: price and Height.
If a product is below 20 Euro then rule 1 cannot be applied so it should go to rule 2. But if the product has a height bigger then 3,2 also that rule cannot be applied and it should go to the third rule.

But I cannot get it to work. When I aply these rules It tells me when I add a product to the shopping cart that the value height cannot be ruled. It will then give no shipping fee. So option 2 or 3.

How can I get this to work?

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Rules not working for the third rule 24 Aug 2018 15:08 #2

Dear Ionalon,
There are some issues with your rules:
- There is no "Height" variable, only TotalHeight (the sum or all heights) or MaxHeight or MinHeight.
- The second rule is missing a semicolon and has a typo in the Height variable:
Name=brievenbus; Height<3.2; Shipping=1.95

What exactly is the Height in your rules supposed to describe? The height of the largest product (i.e. height<3.2 means that all products must be smaller than 3.2)? If so, use MaxHeight in your rules.

What cannot be done is to check the package dimensions (i.e. height of the final shipping package < 3.2), since that cannot be automatically determined from the cart, but depends on several other factors, like the dimensions of the boxes you have availble for shipping and how you stack items (higher, but less width, or the other way round).

Best regards,

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Rules not working for the third rule 07 Sep 2018 21:08 #3

Hi Reinhold,

I cannot get it to work
What i want: I have books and carddecks.
I have some books that are free sending. ( rule 1)
I have books that fit in the mailbox ( rule2) and cost 1,95
I have bigger books and carddecks that do not fit in mailbox and are packages 3.80 ( rule3)

How should I setup the rules for this?
The difference for mailbox or package is measured by the height of the product. if this is above 3,2 cm is does ot fit in the mailbox and should be sent by package.
PLease help as I cannot promote my business now. Thank you very much.

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