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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Plugin development ceased, all plugins made available freely (GPL)

With great sadness we have to announce that we are ceasing development of all our VirtueMart, WooCommerce and Joomla plugins. Effective immediately, all our plugins -- even those that were paid downloads -- are made available for free from our homepage (GPL license still applies), but we cannot and will not provide any support anymore.

It has been a great pleasure to be part of the thriving development communities of VirtueMart as well as WooCommerce. However, during the last year it became painstakingly clear that in addition to a full-time job, a young family and several other time-consuming hobbies at professional level (like being a professional singer) the plugin development and the support that it requires is not sustainable and is taking its toll. It has been an honor, but it is now time to say good bye!



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Shipping Rules base on weight 01 Aug 2015 01:46 #1

  • carlota
  • carlota's Avatar Topic Author
Would you please guide me on how to make the right shipping rules.
All products weight range <0.1kg is free shipping, the rest is $4 (>0.1kg ) per products: So, if buyers bought 2 in this item, total shipping cost is $8

I used this rules, however the shipping cost appeared less than $4 even the item is >0.1kg

Weight<0.1; Shipping=NoShipping
Weight>0.1; Shipping=4*Weight

Advance thanks for your help


Shipping Rules base on weight 02 Aug 2015 19:29 #2

Dear Carlota,
Unfortunately, our Shipping by Rules plugin is not designed to calculate shipping costs per item in the cart, but rather bases shipping on the total cart properties. In particular, I am not aware of any way to special-case certain products based on individual features like weight or so. So, I don't think there is currently any way to achieve your shipping cost structure with out plugin.

Your condition "Weight<0.1" is NOT applied per product, but it rather checks whether the WHOLE cart weight (sum of all product weights) is below 0,1kg, which is apparently not what you desire. But as I said, I am not aware of any way to obtain the number of items in the cart that are heavier than 0,1kg.


Shipping Rules base on weight 03 Aug 2015 13:04 #3

  • carlota
  • carlota's Avatar Topic Author
If the recent shipping rules cannot be achieve, how about based on the weight of a specific categories.
for example, category (34) weight 0.5kg = shipping cost is $4, so if buyer bought 2 items the total weight is 1kg=$8 shipping cost.

Would it be possible?

Second question: I am using other plug-ins for shipping, can it be used together?


Shipping Rules base on weight 07 Aug 2015 19:42 #4

Dear Carlota,
If you want to base your shipping on the total weight of products in category 34, then this weight can be obtained by the function evaluate_for_categories:
evaluate_for_categories(Weight, 34)
In your particular case (4$ for each 1/2 kg from category 34) that would be (notice that I round the weight up to the next half-kg, so e.g. 0.75kg counts as 1kg, 1.1kg counts as 1.5kg etc):
ceil(evaluate_for_categories(Weight, 34), 0.5)*4

You can use as many different shipping plugins as you like. VirtueMart handles each shipping method separately. In particular, when a customer checks out, VM asks all configured methods (regardless of which plugin provides them) for a shipping rate. VM then simply offers all those shipping rates to the customer. This also means that each shipping method determines the shipping cost completely independent from all other configured shipping methods. VM also does not automatically offer only the lowest shipping cost, but really all shipping costs returned by all plugins (i.e. of all configured and enabled methods).

Best regards,

[SOLVED] Shipping Rules base on weight 11 Dec 2015 03:07 #5

  • carlota
  • carlota's Avatar Topic Author
Problem solved.
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