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It has been a great pleasure to be part of the thriving development communities of VirtueMart as well as WooCommerce. However, during the last year it became painstakingly clear that in addition to a full-time job, a young family and several other time-consuming hobbies at professional level (like being a professional singer) the plugin development and the support that it requires is not sustainable and is taking its toll. It has been an honor, but it is now time to say good bye!

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Shipping per ZIP AND Weight 25 Jan 2017 01:17 #1

  • bonnsport
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ich would like to combine ZIP (Deutsche Inseln) and Weigt for Shipping costs.
In Example:
1) Free Shipping for Germany, if Amount >500
2) But If Shipping to Deutsche Inseln, then Shipping always depends on Weight.
3) Shipping to all other ZIPs only depends on the weight.

Here is my unsuccessful attempt:
Name=Bitte geben Sie eine Postleitzahl ein für die Versandkostenberechnung; ZIP<=0; NoShipping
Name=Versandkostenfrei; 500.00<=Amount; Shipping=0.00
Name=Versand nach 18565 (Hiddensee); 0.02<=Weight<3.00; ZIP==18565; Shipping=10.084
Name=Versand nach 25849 (Pellworm); 0.02<=Weight<3.00; ZIP==25849; Shipping=10.084
Name=Versand nach 25859 (Hooge); 0.02<=Weight<3.00; ZIP==25859; Shipping=10.084
Name=Versand nach 18565 (Hiddensee); 3.01<=Weight<5.00; ZIP==18565; Shipping=15.084
Name=Versand nach 25849 (Pellworm); 3.01<=Weight<5.00; ZIP==25849; Shipping=15.084
Name=Versand nach 25859 (Hooge); 3.01<=Weight<5.00; ZIP==25859; Shipping=15.084
Name=Festland bis 3Kg ; 0.02<=Weight<3.00; Shipping=5.00
Name=Festland 3Kg bis 5 Kg; 3.01<=Weight<5.00; Shipping=7.00

If a product has a weight of 1 Kg and i order 3 of this prducts to "Hiddensee", the shipping is 10.084. That`s correct.
But when i order 4 of this products to Hiddensee, there are no costs shown. No Costs for Hiddensee Weight between 3.01 and 5.00 KG. No costs für Festland, nothing.

How do i have to write the conditions in the right way?
Thomas aus Bonn

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Shipping per ZIP AND Weight 29 Jan 2017 21:53 #2

  • bonnsport
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Now, it works. It was my fault, because i used wrong weight ranges.
wrong was:
... 3.00<=weight<5.00; ...
... 5.01<=weight<10.00; ...
correct seems to be:
... 3.00<=weight<5.00; ...
... 5.00<=weight<10.00; ...

The comlete code for me is:
Name=Bitte geben Sie eine Postleitzahl ein für die Versandkostenberechnung; ZIP<=0; NoShipping

Name=Versand nach 18565 (Hiddensee); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==18565; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25849 (Pellworm); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25849; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25859 (Hooge); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25859; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25863 (Langeneß); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25863; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25869 (Gröde); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25869; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25938 (Föhr); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25938; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25946 (Amrum); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25946; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25980 (Sylt); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25980; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25992 (Sylt); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25992; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25996 (Sylt); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25996; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25997 (Sylt); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25997; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 25999 (Sylt); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==25999; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 26465 (Langeoog); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==26465; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 26474 (Spiekeroog); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==26474; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 26486 (Wangerooge); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==26486; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 26548 (Norderney); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==26548; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 26571 (Juist); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==26571; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 26579 (Baltrum); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==26579; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 26757 (Borkum); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==26757; Shipping=14.7588446
Name=Versand nach 27498 (Helgoland); 0.02<=weight<3.00; ZIP==27498; Shipping=14.7588446

Name=Versand nach 18565 (Hiddensee); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==18565; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25849 (Pellworm); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25849; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25859 (Hooge); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25859; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25863 (Langeneß); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25863; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25869 (Gröde); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25869; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25938 (Föhr); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25938; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25946 (Amrum); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25946; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25980 (Sylt); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25980; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25992 (Sylt); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25992; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25996 (Sylt); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25996; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25997 (Sylt); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25997; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 25999 (Sylt); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==25999; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 26465 (Langeoog); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==26465; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 26474 (Spiekeroog); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==26474; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 26486 (Wangerooge); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==26486; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 26548 (Norderney); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==26548; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 26571 (Juist); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==26571; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 26579 (Baltrum); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==26579; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 26757 (Borkum); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==26757; Shipping=15.4650093
Name=Versand nach 27498 (Helgoland); 3.00<=weight<5.00; ZIP==27498; Shipping=15.4650093

Name=Versand nach 18565 (Hiddensee); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==18565; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25849 (Pellworm); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25849; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25859 (Hooge); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25859; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25863 (Langeneß); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25863; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25869 (Gröde); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25869; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25938 (Föhr); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25938; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25946 (Amrum); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25946; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25980 (Sylt); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25980; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25992 (Sylt); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25992; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25996 (Sylt); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25996; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25997 (Sylt); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25997; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 25999 (Sylt); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==25999; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 26465 (Langeoog); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==26465; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 26474 (Spiekeroog); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==26474; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 26486 (Wangerooge); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==26486; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 26548 (Norderney); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==26548; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 26571 (Juist); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==26571; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 26579 (Baltrum); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==26579; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 26757 (Borkum); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==26757; Shipping=16.8773387
Name=Versand nach 27498 (Helgoland); 5.00<=weight<10.00; ZIP==27498; Shipping=16.8773387

Name=Versand nach 18565 (Hiddensee); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==18565; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25849 (Pellworm); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25849; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25859 (Hooge); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25859; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25863 (Langeneß); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25863; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25869 (Gröde); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25869; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25938 (Föhr); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25938; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25946 (Amrum); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25946; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25980 (Sylt); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25980; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25992 (Sylt); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25992; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25996 (Sylt); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25996; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25997 (Sylt); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25997; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 25999 (Sylt); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==25999; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 26465 (Langeoog); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==26465; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 26474 (Spiekeroog); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==26474; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 26486 (Wangerooge); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==26486; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 26548 (Norderney); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==26548; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 26571 (Juist); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==26571; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 26579 (Baltrum); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==26579; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 26757 (Borkum); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==26757; Shipping=18.2896682
Name=Versand nach 27498 (Helgoland); 10.00<=weight<20.00; ZIP==27498; Shipping=18.2896682

Name=Versand nach 18565 (Hiddensee); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==18565; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25849 (Pellworm); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25849; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25859 (Hooge); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25859; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25863 (Langeneß); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25863; Shipping=20.40816312
Name=Versand nach 25869 (Gröde); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25869; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25938 (Föhr); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25938; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25946 (Amrum); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25946; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25980 (Sylt); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25980; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25992 (Sylt); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25992; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25996 (Sylt); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25996; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25997 (Sylt); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25997; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 25999 (Sylt); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==25999; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 26465 (Langeoog); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==26465; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 26474 (Spiekeroog); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==26474; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 26486 (Wangerooge); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==26486; Shipping=20.40816312
Name=Versand nach 26548 (Norderney); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==26548; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 26571 (Juist); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==26571; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 26579 (Baltrum); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==26579; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 26757 (Borkum); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==26757; Shipping=20.4081631
Name=Versand nach 27498 (Helgoland); 20.00<=weight<30.00; ZIP==27498; Shipping=20.4081631

Name=Versand nach 18565 (Hiddensee); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==18565; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25849 (Pellworm); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25849; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25859 (Hooge); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25859; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25863 (Langeneß); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25863; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25869 (Gröde); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25869; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25938 (Föhr); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25938; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25946 (Amrum); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25946; Shipping=21.82049251
Name=Versand nach 25980 (Sylt); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25980; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25992 (Sylt); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25992; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25996 (Sylt); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25996; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25997 (Sylt); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25997; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 25999 (Sylt); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==25999; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 26465 (Langeoog); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==26465; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 26474 (Spiekeroog); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==26474; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 26486 (Wangerooge); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==26486; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 26548 (Norderney); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==26548; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 26571 (Juist); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==26571; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 26579 (Baltrum); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==26579; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 26757 (Borkum); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==26757; Shipping=21.8204925
Name=Versand nach 27498 (Helgoland); 30.00<=weight<40.00; ZIP==27498; Shipping=21.8204925

Name=Festland; 0.02<=weight<3.00; 500.01>Amount; Shipping=5.7983
Name=Festland; 3.00<=weight<5.00; 500.01>Amount; Shipping=6.680672
Name=Festland; 5.00<=weight<10.00; 500.01>Amount; Shipping=8.361344
Name=Festland; 10.00<=weight<20.00; 500.01>Amount; Shipping=10.042016
Name=Festland; 20.00<=weight<30.00; 500.01>Amount; Shipping=12.563025
Name=Festland; 30.00<=weight<40.00; 500.01>Amount; Shipping=14.243697

Name=Festland; 0.02<=weight<3.00; 500.00<Amount; Shipping=0.00
Name=Festland; 3.00<=weight<5.00; 500.00<Amount; Shipping=0.00
Name=Festland; 5.00<=weight<10.00; 500.00<Amount; Shipping=0.00
Name=Festland; 10.00<=weight<20.00; 500.00<Amount; Shipping=0.00
Name=Festland; 20.00<=weight<30.00; 500.00<Amount; Shipping=0.00
Name=Festland; 30.00<=weight<40.00; 500.00<Amount; Shipping=0.00

But now i find a new problem with "One Page Checkout for VirtueMart" from .
But this is someting for a new thread.

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[SOLVED] Shipping per ZIP AND Weight 01 Feb 2017 06:24 #3

  • bonnsport
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Problem solved.

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