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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Plugin development ceased, all plugins made available freely (GPL)

With great sadness we have to announce that we are ceasing development of all our VirtueMart, WooCommerce and Joomla plugins. Effective immediately, all our plugins -- even those that were paid downloads -- are made available for free from our homepage (GPL license still applies), but we cannot and will not provide any support anymore.

It has been a great pleasure to be part of the thriving development communities of VirtueMart as well as WooCommerce. However, during the last year it became painstakingly clear that in addition to a full-time job, a young family and several other time-consuming hobbies at professional level (like being a professional singer) the plugin development and the support that it requires is not sustainable and is taking its toll. It has been an honor, but it is now time to say good bye!



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Shipping by the number of zip 09 Apr 2015 12:47 #1

  • antonio78
  • antonio78's Avatar Topic Author
I use this rule:
Name=Spedizione gratis;59.99<=Amount;Shipping=0

Now I would like to be excluded from this rule a list of code cap disadvantaged.
For these codes shipment to cost 30 Euros and there must be free shipping
Please can you tell me what should I write?

Shipping by the number of zip 11 Apr 2015 14:15 #2

Dear Antonio,
Sorry, I don't quite understand what you want. Do you want a shipping cost of 30€, if at least one of a particular list of articles (identified by SKU or by category?) is in the cart? And still the same free shipping of orders of 59.99€ and above ? (BTW, do you really want free shipping for orders of 59.99€, or do you want free shipping starting at 60€?)

In that case, I would write the rules like (notice that more restrictive rules need to be written first, the most general rule comes last):
Name=Spedizione gratis;60<=Amount;Shipping=0
Name="Contains certain articles"; contains_any(SKUs, "SKU-Art1", "SKU-Art2", "SKU-Art4"); Amount<60; Shipping=30
Name="Contains certain category"; contains_any(Categories, 1234); Amount<60; Shipping=30
Amount<60; Shipping=6.56

Best regards,

Shipping by the number of zip 15 Sep 2015 14:18 #3

  • antonio78
  • antonio78's Avatar Topic Author
I use this rule:
Name=Spedizione gratis;59.99<=Amount;Shipping=0

From this rule I want to exclude a list of zip code.
Example: 20100, 11200, 50020, 80052
For this zip code is not free shipping there will never be.
The cost for these zip code costs € 30.00

I am going to buy the plugin: Advanced Shipping by Rules Plugin for VirtueMart
So this information I need for the paid version

Shipping by the number of zip 15 Sep 2015 17:56 #4

  • antonio78
  • antonio78's Avatar Topic Author
I purchased (Advanced Shipping by Rules Plugin for VirtueMart).
I made the setup in this way, but unfortunately it does not work:Name=ACCIANO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ACQUACALDA; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ACQUAFREDDA; 85046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=AFRICO; 89030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=AGEROLA; 80051<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ALESSANDRIA DEL CARRETTO; 87070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ALICUDI; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ALICUDI PORTO; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ALPE DI SIUSI; 39040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ANACAPRI; 80071<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=APRICA; 23031<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=APRIGLIANO; 87051<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ARIA DI LUPI; 87035<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ARSITA; 64031<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ASINARA CALA D’OLIVA; 7046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ASINARA LAZZARETTO; 7046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BARANO D’ISCHIA; 80070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BISENTI; 64033<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BOJANO; 86021<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BONDONE; 38080<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BORGIALLO; 10080<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BOSIO; 15060<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BOVINO; 71023<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BUGLIO IN MONTE; 23010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BUGNARA; 67030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=BURANO; 30142<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CABANNE; 16048<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CALA REALE; 7046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CALASCIO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAMARDA DI APRIGLIANO; 87051<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAMPESE; 58012<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAMPITELLO MATESE; 86027<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAMPO NELL’ELBA; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAMPOTOSTO; 67013<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CANNA; 87070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CANNETO; 98055<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CANNETO LIPARI; 98055<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CANSANO; 67030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CANTALUPO LIGURE; 15060<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CANZANO; 64020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAPODACQUA; 63096<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAPOLIVERI; 57031<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAPRAIA ISOLA; 57032<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAPRI; 80073<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CARAPELLE CALVISIO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CARLOFORTE; 9014<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CARPANI; 57037<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASABONA; 88822<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASACALENDA; 86043<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASAGLIA; 50034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASAMICCIOLA TERME; 80074<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASPOGGIO; 23020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASTEL CASTAGNA; 64030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASTEL DI IERI; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASTELLALTO; 64020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASTELNOVO NE’ MONTI; 42035<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASTELPAGANO; 82024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASTELVECCHIO CALVISIO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CASTROREGIO; 87070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAURIA; 39040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAVO; 57038<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CAVOLI; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CERMIGNANO; 64037<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CERQUETO DEL TRONTO; 64010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CEVO; 23010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CHIAREGGIO; 23023<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CHIESA IN VALMALENCO; 23023<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CIMA PAGANELLA; 38010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CIRELLA; 89040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CIVIASCO; 13010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CIVITELLA CASANOVA; 65010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=COLFERRAIO; 62024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=COLLEDARA; 64042<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CORVARA; 39033<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CORVARA IN BADIA; 39033<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=COSTALUNGA; 38039<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CROCE FERRATA; 89043<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CRODO; 28862<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=CROGNALETO; 64043<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=DELIANUOVA; 89012<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=DOGANA; 23029<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=DOGANA DI VILLA CHIAVENNA; 23029<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ETROUBLES; 11014<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FAGNANO ALTO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FAVIGNANA; 91023<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FILICUDI; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FILICUDI PORTO; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FIUMATA; 2025<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FIUMICELLO-SANTA VENERE; 85046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FOGNANO; 48013<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FONTANEFREDDE; 39040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FONTANELICE; 40025<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FONTE DI BRESCIA; 62025<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FONTECCHIO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FORIO; 80075<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=FUTANI; 84050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GAGLIANO ATERNO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GAMBERALE; 66040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GIANNUTRI; 58019<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GIGLIO CAMPESE; 58012<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GIGLIO CASTELLO; 58012<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GIGLIO ISOLA; 58012<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GIGLIO PORTO; 58012<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GINOSTRA; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GINOSTRA DI LIPARI; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GIUDECCA; 30133<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GIULIOPOLI; 66040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GOMAGOI; 39029<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GORGONA ISOLA; 57128<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=GRECI; 87035<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISCHIA; 80077<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISCHIA PONTE; 80077<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISCHIA PORTO; 80077<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISCHIA SAN MICHELE; 80077<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA; 43025<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA DEL GIGLIO; 58012<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA DI ALBARELLA; 45010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA DI CAPRERA; 7024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA DI PALANZANO; 43025<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA FOSSARA; 6027<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA MAGGIORE; 6069<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA PALMARIA; 19025<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA SAN SERVOLO; 30124<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLA SANT’ANTONIO; 15050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ISOLE TREMITI; 71040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=KAMMA; 91017<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LA MADDALENA; 7024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LA PILA; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LACCO AMENO; 80076<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LAGO; 87035<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LAINO BORGO; 87014<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LAINO CASTELLO; 87015<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LAMPEDUSA; 92010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LAMPEDUSA E LINOSA; 92010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LANZADA; 23020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LAUREGNO; 39040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LENI; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LENOLA; 4025<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LEOFARA; 64010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LEVANZO; 91023<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LIDO; 30126<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LINGUA; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LINOSA; 92010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LIPARI; 98055<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LIVIGNO; 23030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LOCANA; 10080<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LONGOBUCCO; 87066<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=LUTIRANO; 50034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MAGAZZINI; 57037<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MALAMOCCO; 30126<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MALFA; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MARATEA; 85046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MARATEA PORTO; 85046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MARCIANA; 57030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MARCIANA MARINA; 57033<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MARETA; 39040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MARETTIMO; 91010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MARINA DI CAMPO; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MARINA GRANDE DI CAPRI; 80073<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MASSA; 85046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MAZIA; 39024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MERCATALE; 59024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MERCATALE VERNIO; 59024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MISURINA; 32041<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONETA; 7024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTAGNE; 38070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTE AMIATA; 53024<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTE ISOLA; 25050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTE SAN VIGILIO; 39011<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTECAMPIONE; 25040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTECHIARO; 39026<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTEFIORINO; 41045<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTEFRANCO; 39020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTEFRANCO IN VENOSTA; 39020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTERONE; 80075<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTICELLO AMIATA; 58044<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MONTICELLO DELL’AMIATA; 58044<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MORCA; 13019<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MORTER; 39021<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=MURANO; 30141<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=NIBBIANO; 29010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=NOCARA; 87070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=OLMI; 39040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ORIOLO; 87073<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PACENTRO; 67030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PANAREA; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PANEVEGGIO; 38037<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PANTELLERIA; 91017<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PANTELLERIA AEROPORTO; 91017<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PANZA; 80075<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PASCELLATA; 64010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PASSO COSTALUNGA; 38039<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PASSO DEL BOCCO; 16046<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PASSO DEL TONALE; 38029<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PASSO MENDOLA; 38010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PASSO ROLLE; 38037<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PASSO SAN PELLEGRINO DI MOENA; 38035<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PELLESTRINA; 30126<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PERTICARO; 88823<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PIANA DI CERCHIARA; 87070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PIANOCONTE; 98055<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PIANOSA; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PIANOSA ISOLA; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PIAZZA BREMBANA; 24014<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PIEDIMONTE D’ISCHIA; 80077<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PINO LAGO MAGGIORE; 21010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PLATACI; 87070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=POGGIO; 57030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=POMARANCE; 56045<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=POMONTE; 57030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PONZA; 4027<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PORTO AZZURRO; 57036<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PORTOFERRAIO; 57037<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PROCCHIO; 57030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=PROCIDA; 80079<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=QUATTROPANI; 98055<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=RADICONDOLI; 53030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=RICCIA; 86016<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=RIO MARINA; 57038<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=RIO NELL’ELBA; 57039<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=RIVE; 13030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ROCCA PIA; 67030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ROCCA SANTA MARIA; 64010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ROCCARAINOLA; 80030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=RUFFRE’-MENDOLA; 38010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SACCA FISOLA; 30133<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAINT-OYEN; 11014<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SALA BIELLESE; 13884<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN BARTOLOMEO IN GALDO; 82028<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN BENEDETTO IN PERILLIS; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN CLEMENTE; 30124<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN DOMINO; 71040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN GIOVANNI; 57037<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN MARCELLO PISTOIESE; 51028<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN MASSIMO; 86027<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN NICOLA; 71040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN NICOLA DI TREMITI; 71040<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN PIERO IN CAMPO; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAN SEBASTIANO CURONE; 15056<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SANTA CATERINA; 23030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SANTA CATERINA; 39020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SANTA CATERINA VALFURVA; 23030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SANTA MARINA SALINA; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SANT’ANTUONO D’ISCHIA; 80077<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SANT’ERASMO; 30141<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SANT’ILARIO; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SANTO STEFANO DI SESSANIO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAURIS; 33020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SAVELLI; 88825<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SCOPELLO; 13028<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SECCHETO; 57034<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SERRARA; 80070<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SESTA GODANO; 19020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SPEZZANO PICCOLO; 87050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=SPIGNO SATURNIA; 4020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=STILO; 89049<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=STROMBOLI; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=TERRATI; 87035<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=TORCELLO; 30142<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=TORNIMPARTE; 67049<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=TORRAZZO; 13884<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=TREPALLE; 23030<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=TRIVENTO; 86029<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=UMBRIATICO; 88823<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=USTICA; 90010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VALLE CASTELLANA; 64010<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VALVESTINO; 25080<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VENEZIA; 30124<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VENEZIA; 30133<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VENEZIA; 30141<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VENEZIA; 30142<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VENEZIA; 30126<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VENEZIA LIDO; 30126<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VENTOTENE; 4020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VERBICARO; 87020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VICO; 87051<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VILLA SANT’ANGELO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VILLENEUVE; 11018<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VULCANO; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=VULCANO PORTO; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ZINGA; 88822<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ZUBIENA; 13888<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=Shipping to rest of ITALY; Shipping=4.92
Name=Free shipping above 100€;100<=Amount;Shipping=0

Please can you help me is very urgent!

Shipping by the number of zip 16 Sep 2015 11:46 #5

Dear Antonio,
To rephrase your shipping cost:
- Shipping to postal codes 20100, 1120, 50020 and 80052 is always 30€
- For all other postal codes, shipping for orders below 60€ is 6.56€
- Orders from 60€ and above are free shipping.

This can be implemented with the following rules (the ZIP check requires the advanced plugin):
Name=Fixed shipping for some postal codes; ZIP in list(20100, 1120, 50020, 8052); Shipping=30
 Name=Spedizione gratis;59.99<=Amount;Shipping=0

Best regards,

Shipping by the number of zip 16 Sep 2015 11:50 #6

Dear Antonio,

I made the setup in this way, but unfortunately it does not work:
Name=ACCIANO; 67020<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ACQUACALDA; 98050<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=ZUBIENA; 13888<=ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Name=Shipping to rest of ITALY; Shipping=4.92
Name=Free shipping above 100€;100<=Amount;Shipping=0

To understand why these rules do nor work, let's look at the condition:
This means that the rule is applied if the postal code is larger or equal to 67020. In particular, that rule will be applied for postal code 67020, but it will also be applied e.g. to postal code 70000 or 71234, etc.
If you want to apply that rule to only postal ocde 67020, then you need to use
Name=ACCIANO; 67020==ZIP; Shipping=20.50
Best regards,

Shipping by the number of zip 16 Sep 2015 12:15 #7

  • antonio78
  • antonio78's Avatar Topic Author
Hello, thanks for the solution, the problem is solved with this rule:
Name=Fixed shipping for some postal codes; ZIP in list(20100, 1120, 50020, 8052); Shipping=30 
 Name=Spedizione gratis;59.99<=Amount;Shipping=0
It remains only one problem:
Yesterday I sent a message to ask if your plugin is compatible with this:
I want to exclude a type of payment for the list of zip code, how can I do?

[SOLVED] Shipping by the number of zip 23 Sep 2015 23:27 #8

Problem solved.

Dear Antonio78,
To exclude a payment method for certain ZIP codes, I suppose you'll depend on that payment method providing this functionality.
I don't think that there is away to make a payment method depend on a particular rule of the shipping by rules plugin.

All that other extension does is to disable a payment method if the shipping by rules method is selected. But there can not be any distinction between which of the rules are applied, because those are internals of our shipping method. VM only gets the shipping rate and the name of the shipping method (potentially including the rule name if there is one given in the rule). VM does not know where that rate comes from. Consequentially, all other VM extensions like the one you asked about also cannot depend on one particular rule being applied, they can only depend on whether the shipping method was selected at all or not.

Best regards,
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